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HDDlife is a real-time hard drive statistics, alerts, malfunction protection
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Let’s take a short anatomy class. If the processor of the computer can be associated to the thinking functions of human being brain, the hard disk would be the part of the brain that works to keep memory of things. It’s like a huge warehouse where memories are kept, hopefully for life. But continuing with the analogy, just as the human brain, hard disks need to be taken care of and kept healthy to work properly. If they don’t, sooner or later we are going to pay the consequences with tons of lost data, and for sure we won’t be happy at all.
HDDlife would be the doctor of our little story. It will be monitoring and taking care of our disks, letting us know in advance if some problem seems to be emerging so we are aware of it. In addition, HDD life Pro has a proper treatment for every diagnosis and can solve almost any problem. That way, not only monitors and inform us about our hard disks’ health but also take care of it and cure the disks whenever it’s necessary.
How this electronic doctor does work, you might be wondering right now. Let’s try to answer that question. HDDlife is a pretty nice and easy-to-use application with a single window interface. This main window in turn is composed of one or more tabs according to the quantity of hard drives you’re monitoring. That’s to say, one tab per disk. What you see on each tab is some general information about the disk’s health. To get more detailed information at this screen you would have to upgrade to the Pro edition.
In addition to the commented interface you’ll see one new icon on your system tray representing a doctor from where you can access to the main window of the application. From there you also get notification balloons when something regarding your disks comes up. That way, HDDlife keeps you posted at all times.
To know whether you’re good with the free version or you want to upgrade to the professional version, let’s see a brief list of features not included in the free version we’re describing here:
• Detailed information about the health and performance percentage on the main window of the application.
• Show hard drives temperature.
• Show hard drive health in the system tray.
• Simultaneously show temperature and hard drive health.
• AnywhereView™ technology.
• Show warnings only in case if hard drive health is not ok.
• Send warning via network message.
• Send warning via e-mail message.
Maybe you won’t need it but is available a full content help file that is installed in your hard drive. Regarding money, you can start working with this tool for free since it is a freeware licensed software. If you want to upgrade to the Professional version you’ll have to pay 25 dollars (single user license).

Lionel Mira
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  • Easy-to-use, freeware, works in the background


  • Limited features in comparison with PRO edition. Temperature checks not available, Limited system tray notifications and information
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